After months, and even years, of planning and strategizing, trial brings a lot of pressure with it. Having the ability to retain information quickly and concisely is imperative, and being able to count on your technological resources is critical. Our technology team works to understand your strategy, learning the “ins-and-outs” of your case, so they are prepared to assist you in all aspects of the presentation. Leading up to the trial, we assist in the strategy of your presentation, offering feedback and ideas on how you can make the most impact in the courtroom. We aim to be proactive with strategy, as opposed to simply reactive when you need to count on us most.

We can handle all of the document management details of your presentation from pre-trial preparation through closing arguments.

Trial is, by far, the most critical time to have experienced technical support in the courtroom. An experienced presentation expert will assist you with the document database, presentation design and video playback. Our experts provide set up and all presentation technology.

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Our Trial Services Include:

Trial Director 6
Trial Preparation
Multimedia Trial Presentation
Electronic Exhibit Management & Video Integration
Digital Editing and Playback
Technical Support at Trial
Courtroom Design, Installation & Management