The world of technology is an ever-changing one, and with the role it plays in our lives, a consistent and dedicated approach to servicing technological needs becomes more necessary by the day.

Our technical team combines video service experience with technical expertise and professional knowledge. We know what is required for a deposition setting. Our Certified Legal Video Specialists will assure your depositions are run smoothly and efficiently.

Our experts are skilled at using non-distracting backdrops, controlling light for the sharpest picture and constantly monitoring audio levels for the clearest sound quality, providing you with the best possible end-product. Known as leaders in Legal Video Services, our professionals are certified by the NCRA and the American Guild of Court Videographers.

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Our video services include:

Video, Web and Interactive Depositions
Video Conferencing
Synchronized Transcripts
Video Playback
Day-in-the-Life Video
Settlement Video
Site Surveys
Multi-Camera Capability