The quality, reliability and expertise of certified professional court reporters are the true cornerstone of our company. We only hire highly-skilled, certified, professional court reporters who utilize the latest technology to ensure accurate transcripts and timely delivery.

We also deliver searchable depositions and transcripts to you electronically, as well as making them available online for 24/7 access. Our work product can easily be integrated into litigation-related software systems such as LiveNote and TrialDirector. You can count on our reporters’ expertise and commitment to an accurate transcript for all types of legal depositions, so you can focus on what matters most - your case.

Whether it is a hearing, meeting, deposition, arbitration or trial, there is a lot happening all at once. Detail-laced conversations, questioning, negotiations … without proper recording, it’s easy to not only miss elements, but forget them completely. As we know, these details can really make or break a case. Because of this, we have set the highest of standards when it comes to our court reporting services. Our reporters are highly skilled professionals that produce verbatim transcripts with a timely turnaround.

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Our Court Reporting Services Include:

Depositions, Trials, Hearings & Arbitrations
Real-time Reporting
Online Transcript & Exhibit Repository
Online Scheduling Calendar
Nationwide Scheduling
National Case Management
E-Transcript with Hyperlinked Word Index
Two week turnaround
National Network of Court Reporters
On-call Reporters Available
LiveNote and Trial Director
Expedited and Daily Transcripts