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With the modern legal landscape comes an array of challenges. Managing a rather unpredictable environment, tracking infinite details and executing a smart strategic plan, litigation calls upon a broad range of needs, guidance and expertise.

Discovery to verdict. Network Deposition Services serves as the go-to for all of your litigation needs. Experienced in the life cycle of a case, Network Deposition Services provides court reporting and legal video services utilizing state-of-the-art technology throughout the discovery process.  Our certified trial technicians will then assist you in presenting your case to a jury by helping you create a dynamic english essays trial presentation that is sure to capture that jury’s attention. Network Deposition Services isn’t a vendor, but an active and valued member of your team!

We're here for all of your litigation management needs.
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Court Reporting

Providing a reliable reporting source for all of your litigation needs

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Legal Videography

Combining video service experience with technical expertise and professional knowledge

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Trial Presentation

Using experience and technology to assist in the visual presentation of strategy in a case

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Interactive Depositions

Picture-in-picture depositions for concise, straightforward presentations

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Web Depositions

Secure depositions bringing everyone together in one room, virtually

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Online Scheduling and Repository

Secure Online Transcript and Exhibit Repository stores all of your transcripts and exhibits, providing 24/7 access from any online location

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Our online Calendar and Repository gives you a secure way to manage all of your depositions and to have immediate access to your exhibits and transcripts at any time from any location.

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